As a Sanctioned KBF Partner we will follow the National KBF Rules.. Click link for for rules and regulations. 

Rules Click Here!!

1. ALL competitors must launch from shore at designated launch spot.
2. ALL competitors will launch at designated launch time.
3. Launch at 7am.
4. Be in line for check in by 2:30pm.

1. Identifier must be visible in photograph
2. The Hawg Trough is the only standard measuring devices (must provide your own)

3. Hawg Trough must be marked with sharpie for every .25" and at the 0" line. (If not marked there is a 1" penalty)
4. Total length in inches of 3 total fish - Largemouth Bass or Smallmouth Bass (No Minimum Length)

1. EACH competitor will be provided a unique identifier for each event.
2. Your 3 (three) LONGEST verified lengths will be totaled for your score.
3. The competitor with the HIGHEST total score is the WINNER. Next highest score will place
second, and so on.
4. Rounding will be DOWN and to the nearest ¼ (quarter) inch.


Each specification is a 1" Penalty, except "No ID=Disqualified Photo"

2. Camera or Camera Phone are eligible photo devices. (If tandem: each competitor must register and have their own camera)

1. NO competitors are to be within 10 yards of each other during fish-time; except in the case of emergency when assistance is required.
2. NO fish are to be kept on stringers.
3. Any ONE fish can only be submitted ONCE.
4. Fishing in OFF-LIMITS areas will result in disqualification.
5. Kayaks, Paddleboards, and Canoes are eligible fishing platforms.
6. Electric Trolling motors are allowed.
7. Follow all state rules and regulations.
8. Artificial Lures Only.

1. ALL competitor camera memory cards must be turned into Director and Staff if anglers are not using the live scoring at by check in time 2:30pm.
2. ONLY the Tournament Director and MAKBF designated staff will be involved in the judging process.
3. Must be in line to check-in at the designated end time (2:30pm).

1. Competitor photos will be reviewed and scored by Tournament Director and MAKBF designated
a. Photos that do not meet the requirements as provided will not count.
b. The Tournament Director and MAKBF staff will be solely responsible and retain the right to
declare any photo as “unacceptable”.
2. Winners will be declared and prizes/awards will be announced by the Tournament Director.
3. The Tournament will then be declared complete.


  1. Replies
    1. Tandem kayaks are okay, but not preferred. Each angler must pay entry fee and use a separate phone for fish photo entry and each will receive a different ID.

  2. Are these open to anyone? I just found out about this series via youtube. Very interested in fishing it next year

    1. Yes this year there was no membership, anyone could fish any event. Next year we are looking into a small one time member fee to help offset the costs of running the events.