Saturday, October 15, 2016

Final AOTY Standings

2016 Final Standings 

(*Fully Qualified for AOTY - Fished minimum 4 events)

Jedediah Plunkert 42*
CJ Espey 32*
Dave Thompson 29*
Matt Campbell 24* 
Mike Chaney  23*
Lou Martinez 22*
Alex Perez (R) 20*
Aaron White (R) 20*
Joe Deisvaldi 17*
David Adlington 16*
Bear Wenzel 13*
Matthew Chapman (R) 13*
Danny Schanne (R) 12*
Matt Eikenberg 11*
Chris Watts  11
Kevin Farischon (R) 10*
Matt Baden 9*
Matt James 9*
Keith Woolery (R) 8
David Baden 7*
Chris Rios (R) 5
Mike Tomasik 4 
Brian Thompson (R) 4 
Victor Deppe (R) 4
Michael Surrette (R) 3
Thomas Haycraft (R) 3
Josh Evans 2*
Casey Reed (R) 2
Brandon Humbertson (R) 2
Julie Tomasik 1
Bryan Herndon 1
Dustin Good (R) 1

Top Rookie: Alex Perez (R) (Tie-Breaker)
Biggest Largemouth Bass: Dave Thompson - 20.75"
Biggest Smallmouth Bass: Alex Perez - 20.75" (Shenandoah Event)
Top Female Angler: Julie Tomasik (Farm to Feet $200 Gift Card)
Top MSSA Member: CJ Espey
Top CCA Member: Jedediah Plunkert

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