Monday, July 10, 2017

Black Hills Event is this weekend!

Here are the available launches for this event.

We can enter the park at 6 am and we will launch at 6:30 and begin fishing at that time. Please make sure you pay your launch fees to be on the water. It is $5 and there are envelopes at ramp 1 that allow you to put in your money and fill out the information for your vehicle. I would recommend having a pen on hand to fill out the form. I will be located at ramp 1 in the morning and will be there at 6 am.

I will be at the ramp 1 at 2:30 for anybody that needs to check in or submit photos, if you can't use the online system you need to be at that ramp at 2:30 in order to submit photos. The awards will be held at the largest pavilion, location will be added so everybody knows where to go. The cut off time to be at the pavilion is 3:30pm.

We will have our awards at Shelter J tomorrow after we are done fishing. Lines out is at 2:30pm and you need to be at the shelter at 3:30pm.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rocky Gorge Event 5/13/17

Check in will be at the Scott's Cove Ramp.  Matt Campbell will be there in the morning and again the last hour or so of the tournament day through the finish of the awards.  

Allowed Launches - At this point in time we are allowed to use the Supplee Launch and Scott's Cove launch.  Scott's Cove is only open to carry on and you can not use the full extent of the ramp.  Brown's Bridge is closed and will not be an allowed launch.  

Please see the map below, for the location of these launches.  

Rocky Gorge Reservoir Map

Make sure you have your watershed permit for the day.   This is $6 for the day and you need to make sure you have it.  Last year the fine was $150 if they caught you on the water without it and they checked regularly.  There is also an app you can download and utilize.

Daily Permit for WSSC and Rocky Gorge

Entry Fee
$25 (pay the day of each event via cash) ($30 at Finale)
$5 Optional Big Bass Calcutta ($10 at Finale)

Please make sure you are registered for the online scoring even if you are paying the morning of the event. 

If there are any questions please reach out to us at 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

First Event of the 2017 Season This Weekend!!

The first event is this weekend at Aquia Creek in Stafford, Virginia.  Please go to the event page linked through our facebook page, MAKBF Series.

Please make sure that you have the  new identifiers printed out and ready to add the code to for the tourney saturday.

Don't forget to make sure you are registered for the online scoring system presented by Smith Optics!  It is free to use and register!   Aquia Event

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2016/17 Pickerel Championship

The 2nd Annual Pickerel National Championship is upon us. You can register at any point throughout the tournament! We look forward to some great fishing.

Only two days in there have been two citation size fish caught!!

Here is the photo of the Big Fish from last years championship!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Final AOTY Standings

2016 Final Standings 

(*Fully Qualified for AOTY - Fished minimum 4 events)

Jedediah Plunkert 42*
CJ Espey 32*
Dave Thompson 29*
Matt Campbell 24* 
Mike Chaney  23*
Lou Martinez 22*
Alex Perez (R) 20*
Aaron White (R) 20*
Joe Deisvaldi 17*
David Adlington 16*
Bear Wenzel 13*
Matthew Chapman (R) 13*
Danny Schanne (R) 12*
Matt Eikenberg 11*
Chris Watts  11
Kevin Farischon (R) 10*
Matt Baden 9*
Matt James 9*
Keith Woolery (R) 8
David Baden 7*
Chris Rios (R) 5
Mike Tomasik 4 
Brian Thompson (R) 4 
Victor Deppe (R) 4
Michael Surrette (R) 3
Thomas Haycraft (R) 3
Josh Evans 2*
Casey Reed (R) 2
Brandon Humbertson (R) 2
Julie Tomasik 1
Bryan Herndon 1
Dustin Good (R) 1

Top Rookie: Alex Perez (R) (Tie-Breaker)
Biggest Largemouth Bass: Dave Thompson - 20.75"
Biggest Smallmouth Bass: Alex Perez - 20.75" (Shenandoah Event)
Top Female Angler: Julie Tomasik (Farm to Feet $200 Gift Card)
Top MSSA Member: CJ Espey
Top CCA Member: Jedediah Plunkert

Friday, October 14, 2016

Championship Photo ID

The ID has been emailed to all participants. Please print and add name. Tonight a special code will be released to make the ID official for tomorrow's Championship event!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Delaware Final Event Timeline

Registration - Now until Friday October 14th at DPS Check In
Send entry fees to

Friday - Check in/Informal Captain's Meeting and Pot Luck Dinner at Delaware Paddlesports
4pm - until?

Car Camping will be allowed at DPS Friday night for tournament anglers, there are also a number of fair priced hotels in the immediate area.

Saturday - Launch @ 7am
                   Entries submitted by 2:30pm or in line at DPS by 2:30pm
                   Lunch/Dinner/Raffle Ticket and Sticker Sales 2:30-3:30pm
                   Awards and Raffle  @3:45/4pm